Offshore Special Regulations Update


There is much talk about the new Keel and Rudder inspections required under ISAF Offshore Special Regulations. It has been brouight to our attention that following a pushback over the speed this requirement had been brought in, there has been a change published in February 2022 so that the new rule will not become effective until 1 January 2023, so there is no requirement at this time for an inspection before the Royal Escape Race. However, it makes sense for boats being hauled out during the year to have a suitable inspection made and the offer from Marine Surveyor, Aidan Tucket detailed below is worth considering.

Robin Stevenson, Rear Commodore at SYC has published the following guidance on the Offshore Special Regulations as reproduced below.

The Royal Escape Race requirements mirror those of Sussex Yacht Club.

06/02/22 Offshore Special Regulations

I am sure most of you will be aware by now, that from 01/01/22 there is a notable change to the Special Offshore Regulations that we, along with most other race organising bodies, use as our safety compliance reference for Offshore Yacht Racing.

If we compete in any SYC Offshore event, then we need to comply with Offshore Special Regulations for Category 3 – With Life Raft. This category, along with 0, 1 & 2, now includes a requirement to have a boats keel and rudder checked every two years or after a grounding, by a qualified person, you can read the rule 3.02.2 here…

Offshore Special regulations 3.02.2

ISAF have kindly provided us with all the guidance and an inspection form to be completed by the Qualified Person, take a look here…

Model Keel and Rudder Inspection Procedure

The inspection is quite straightforward and can be done as part of a scheduled lift out. Club member and Marine Surveyor, Aidan Tucket, has already completed an inspection at SYC. He is happy to carry these out for you, if he is available. If you are interested, it is best to email him directly to make your own arrangements around your lift out.

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Robin Stevenson

Rear Commodore, Sussex Yacht Club