Société des Régates de Fécamp

Progres 120601 Royal art aOur friends at SRF have been enthusiastic supporters of the Royal Escape Race since it started and always extend a warm welcome to us when the Royal Escape Race circus comes to town. Their club house is in the heart of the marina and whilst we are there the SRF members and volunteers are very involved, shaking hands, pouring drinks and helping us make the RER such a success.

SRF try and arrange for light meals to be available on the Friday night for boats getting in too late to enjoy the restaurants in town, and also on the Saturday night with a wonderfullly tasty and attractively priced meal.

The bar at SRF is inevitably busy over the race weekend and in answer to those that grumble about how the prices are a bit higher when we are in town, we'd like to explain that any extra income derived from our efforts at the bar all goes towards funding special sailing projects; we had a youth team boat pointed out to us recently which is in the water training the next generation of Fécamp sailors due in part to the Royal Escape Race. So don't be a grump, drink up and toast the future.

In recent years we have also enjoyed an increasing number of SRF yachts coming over to the UK so they can race back home with us, competing against the SYC team for the Boyson's Memorial trophy and we hope that 2019 will see a good few more on the start line.


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